Do you know every tree in your forest?
We do!

Measure your entire forest at the push of a button

Our drone flies into the forest and can accurately measure 1000 trees every 20 minutes. The drone is fully autonomous, self-piloting in-between the trees. This means that anyone can use one, even if you have never used a drone before. All you need to do is place the drone on the ground in your forest and push one button. Then the drone will take off and conduct a scan of the surrounding forest and terrain, all by itself.

Increase profitability using accurate data from every tree

The Deep Forestry drone can scan every individual tree in a forest and use AI to label the terrain. It produces individual tree location, species, height, diameter, trunk volume, trunk curvature, and terrain type, as well as many other important forestry variables. This data can be used for precision forward planning or by the harvesters and sawmills to optimise profitability before thinning or final felling.

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Create a digital twin for better decision making

Our drones create an accurate 3D copy of your entire forest (a digital twin) that you can visualize in 3D, either on your computer screen, or in virtual reality. Our sophisticated 3D artificial intelligence algorithms then use the digital twin to classify and segment your forest and its terrain. This labelled 3D data is a powerful new tool that can be used to ensure your harvest, plantation, and forward planning are all conducted as profitably as possible.

Let us do the counting, so you can focus on forest health, growth, and biodiversity

The Deep Forestry drone is a new tool to boost the efficiency of fieldworkers during a regular day’s work. The drone can take over the tedious jobs of counting the forest inventory and mapping the terrain. Which leaves more time and freedom for the fieldworker to concentrate on bio-diversity protection and other demarcation. Precision mapping increases the size of the harvestable zone while simultaneously opening the door for more profitable and sustainable forestry management practices. 

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Digitize forestry fieldwork
with reliable measurement of every tree at the push of a button

Our offer

Have our experts come to your forest and demonstrate the power of
autonomous drones and 3D artificial intelligence

We fly the drone for you

  • Our expert fieldworkers come to you.
  • We do your forest inventory and planning using traditional caliper methods.
  • We also do your forest inventory and planning using our autonomous drones and AI.
  • You get both results and can see the added value that our tech provides. 

You fly the drone yourself

  • We show your fieldworkers how they can survey an entire stand at the push of a button.
  • Your team members get hands on with the drones flying them throughout the forest.
  • Our experts ensures the drone output fits into your existing systems.
  • We work together towards the possibility of long-term collaboration.
  • If our drones are a good match for your business, your team can rent one drone, or a fleet of drones.

Join our developer team or reach out for collaboration

We’re always looking for top talent to join our team, or interesting projects where our autonomous drones and deep learning 3D AI can help.