About us

Deep Forestry focuses on robotics and machine learning. The company is one of the first who developed drones that can autonomously navigate in the forest, between the trees, under the canopy. Deep Forestry are proud recipients of the Eurostars grant program.


Levi Farrand

CEO & Founder
Geoinformatics, executive management, and forward vision.

William Johnsson

COO & Founder
Roadmap execution, executive management, and electrical engineer.

Erik Österberg

CTO & Founder
Overseeing all company software and hardware development.

Research and Advisory

Pramod Dhumal

Advisor to the executive team with 30+ years expertise in project management, sales, marketing, and scaling-up international tech ventures.  

Prof. Michael Felsberg

Advisor to the executive and developer team. Forefront expert in computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Venkat Iyer

Advisor to the executive team. A transformative leader driving excellence in ERP implementations and innovative start-up investments.